LESC: Subcutaneous Lipoemulsion

Would you like to eliminate once and for all those fatty deposits that are very difficult to remove? Through the latest model of medically certified ultrasound equipment, we can help you by treating the localized adipose pads as an outpatient level using local anesthesia.

Lesc is an acronym for subcutaneous lipoemulsion and that is exactly what it does.

Some particular fatty deposits are very difficult to remove even with targeted diets or physical exercise since it is storage fat.  It would is not healthy to reach less than your ideal weight to try to eliminate them.  Through the latest model ultrasound equipment with medical certification, we can treat localized adipose pads as an outpatient using local anesthesia.

The method is now well established (30,000 treatments) and has no particular problems. The tubes which are 2 mm in diameter and of a variable length (14cm,18cm,32cm) are blunt, so as to minimize the risk of complications. Ultrasound is emitted only at the tip with a range of 2.5 x 3 cm ensuring tissue homogeneity.

What is LESC or Subcutaneous Liposuction?

It is a minimally invasive and non-painful liposculpture technique that involves the dissolution (emulsion) of fat through the sub-skin application of ultrasound by means of a very thin probe.  Ultrasound, generated by a special pulsed multi-frequency machine, breaks and dissolves the fat, which transformed into a fluid is suctioned away during surgery and then partly eliminated in a natural way from the body in the following weeks. The results are immediately appreciable, the best results will be seen after 3 months.

What problems does the LESC or subcutaneous lipoemulsion solve?

The LESC is effective for:
• Removing fatty deposits
• Reducing localized cellulite deposits
• Treating Lipodystrophy

Which parts of the body can be treated with Subcutaneous Lipoemulsion?

Lesc or subcutaneous lipoemulsion is a very flexible technology and is effective for all areas of the body that have adipose deposits:
Double chin: reduces annoying excess fat under the chin and makes the skin firmer
Arms: Reduces excess fat and tones up skin
Gynecomasty: reduces male breasts
Globular abdomen: reduces the volume of the abdomen both above and below the umbilical area
Back: reduces those annoying accumulations of fat under the shoulder blades or in the lower back: reduces the unsightly outer bulges; reduces the fat of the inner thighs without causing sagging skin
Knee: Shapes the inner part of the knee making it thinner thigh
Calves and ankles: reduces the volume of the legs that take on a more harmonious appearance.
Hips and thighs

It is also particularly suitable for patients who are following dietary plans and want to optimize their results.

What are the advantages of subcutaneous lipoemulsion?

The LESC subcutaneous lipoemulsion offers several advantages::

  • Minimal invasiveness: LESC is a practically painless treatment that can be carried out as an patient with local anesthesia with incisions of only 2 mm and no stitches.
  • Maximum effectiveness: The effectiveness of the treatment is maximized because it involves the application of ultrasound directly on the fatty tissue rather than externally through the different layers of the skin.
  • Effects in one session: results are visible in a single session, which lasts about 30 minutes per zone.
  • Lifting effect: The pulsed ultrasonic multifrequency effects the fat and skin supporting fibers producing a facelift effect on the treated area. In this way the skin adheres to the new conformation preventing sagging.
  • Maximum safety: Lesc works through a thin heat-free probe on the shallower layers of fatty tissue, keeping intact the vascular and nervous systems of the treated tissue and the integrity of the supporting structure of the skin. The risks of complications typical of classical liposuction are minimized.
  • Immediate recovery: The patient can resume normal daily and sports activities as of the next day. The only recommendation is to wear a sheath in the treated area for a short time.
  • Lasting results.
  • Repeatability: Treatment can be safely repeated in other areas of the body.
 *Disclaimer: The results obtained with treatment can vary from patient to patient. As with all surgeries, prior to treatment, a prior examination by the Surgeon is required to assess any potential risk.

Some examples of operations performed with the most modern techniques and respecting the physicality of the patient.