Maxillofacial Surgery

Perfect combination of functional and facial aesthetics for a top result.


Connubio perfetto tra funzione ed estetica del volto per un risultato top.

Maxillofacial Surgery is that medical branch that deals with diagnosis, therapeutic treatment, surgical and non-surgical, pathologies, trauma or functional and aesthetic defects involving the soft tissues and skeleton of the oral region and the maxillofacial region.
Maxillofacial Surgery has several points in common with other surgical specialties that treat pathologies of the cranio-facial district such as Otolaryngology, Dentistry and Plastic Surgery, but the characteristic that Maxillofacial Surgery is the treatment and mobilization of the bones of the facial skeleton for fractures or malformations of the craniofacial area and it is for this reason that even when addressing the theme of the aesthetics of the Maxillofacial Surgeon always has a global view of the face by assessing the need for intervention on bone segments as well as soft tissues.